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“Surviving The Dungeon” is a documentary about the life of wrestling legend Stu Hart of Alberta, Canada. Stu and his wife helen raised twelve kids while fighting to keep their Stampede Wrestling promotion alive over the course of five decades. In the process, Stu became one of the most respected promoters, trainers and cultivators of new talent in the industry.

All twelve of his children went on to work in the business, with sons Bret and Owen becoming international superstars, as did his sons-in-law The British Bulldog and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

In 2010, his grand daughter Nattie Neidhart (Jim's daughter) managed David Hart Smith (Bulldog's son) and Tyson Kidd to the WWE tag team titles, ensuring that the name will continue for many years to come.

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Extra - TJ & Harry

Harry Smith
TJ Wilson

A dungeon training match from October 2000 between two kids who would go on to become WWE wrestling stars; Harry "David Hart" Smith and TJ "Tyson Kidd" Wilson.
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Extra - Ross Dungeon

Ross Hart on Dungeon Training

Family historian Ross Hart discusses the history of training which took place in his father Stus world-famous Wrestling Dungeon.
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Extra - Ross Dungeon

Ross Hart on The Hart Siblings

Family historian Ross Hart discusses his siblings, all of whom were involved in professional wrestling going back to their fathers Stampede Wrestling promotion in Western Canada.
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Extra - Ross Hart Talking

Stu Hart, Bruce Hart, Smith Hart and director Blake Norton share a few thoughts on various aspects of pro-wrestling psychology.
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Extra - Gimmick

Your Gimmick

Director Blake Norton discusses the key points to developing a vibrant and money-drawing wrestling gimmick.
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Extra-Stu & The Buffalo

The Tiger &
The Water Buffalo

Wrestling legend Stu Hart shares a bizarre story of natures glory moments before settling down for an interview.
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Surviving The Dungeon” director Blake Norton, a former indy wrestler, promoter and coach, teamed up with former grappler & manager Adam Joyce to analyze the year between Wrestlemania 25 and 26. This archive serves to explain booking and working dos and donts to fans and aspiring superstars alike.

Some of the final episodes between Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber 2010 were chaired by Adam Joyce and British announcer & promoter Stevie Aaron.

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Road To Wrestlemania
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10/03/29: Join Blake, Adam, special guest MISS GALATEA and The Wrestling Dungeon All-Stars for a roundtable review of wrestling’s biggest show of the year. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker II, Bret Hart’s return to the ring, John Cena’s comeback and more, on what’s set to be the final edition of The Wrestling Dungeon.

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09/09/01: Randy Orton weaves Cody Rhodes’ Nightmare, Jeff Hardy leaves WWE, and John Cena... MUST stop cutting promos! Blake Norton and Adam Joyce profess their love for Raw Is War! Yeah WWE!

09/08/24: DX dominates, The Undertaker returns, and John Cena fails to win the WWE title – FOUR TIMES! It's a special five-man roundtable edition of The Wrestling Dungeon that will forever be affectionately known as Summerfest: It’s the Biggest Fest Of The Summer!

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